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In order to achieve sustainability over the long term, New World China is committed to minimising any adverse impact its business operations may have on the environment and strives to enhance the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

We are committed to leading our industry’s evolution to genuine sustainability – environmentally, socially and economically. New World Sustainability Vision 2030 (SV2030) references the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and enhances customer experience based on four pillars: Green, Wellness, Smart and Caring.


2030 Targets

(Against baseline year FY2015)


Energy Intensity
FY2022 Progress: -4%


Carbon Emissions Intensity
FY2022 Progress: -20%
Moving us towards a greener future
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience
  • Energy and carbon management
  • Waste management
  • Water resource management
  • Biodiversity protection


2030 Targets

* Cumulative number from baseline year FY2015 to FY2030 covering the Sustainability Reporting Scope.

** Lost-time injury rate (LTIR) represents the number of injuries per 100 employees per year.


Stakeholders' Well-being to be Improved*
FY2022 Progress: 16 million


Lost-Time Injury Rate (LTIR)**
FY2022 LTIR: 0.7
Promoting health in body and mind
  • Community wellness improvement
  • Health and wellness business development
  • Employee wellness enhancement
  • Occupational health and safety


> 220 active patents*
Using innovation to unlock potential
  • Digitalisation of processes and customer experience
  • Cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Innovation for sustainable communities

*Cumulative number from baseline FY2015 to FY2030 covering the Sustainability


2030 Targets

*Cumulative number from baseline FY2015 to FY2030 covering the Sustainability


Stakeholders' Qutality of Life to be Enhanced*
FY2022 Progress: 152 million


Volunteering Hours*
FY2022 progress: >270,000 hrs
Creating shared value for our communities and culture
  • Talent management
  • Employee communication and engagement
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community investment and engagement
  • Education for sustainable development

New World China hopes to promote sustainability during a building's entire life cycle by initiating practical green designs and generating a positive social impact in our community through charitable donations and volunteering services.

We are committed to
# 1
Exceed statutory requirements in relation to sustainability issues and apply innovation to improve the environment and the society
# 2
Engage our stakeholders on our sustainability performance and gather feedback for improvement
# 3
Minimise the potential environmental impacts of our operation and ensure product quality and responsibility
# 4
Curate an artisanal living experience that prioritises green and wellness aspects
# 5
Enhance the quality of life for the communities where we operate
# 6
Provide a safe and caring working environment for our employees and support their ongoing learning and development
# 7
Influence our value chain to share our belief and practices with regard to sustainability
# 8
Strengthen our governance of sustainability performance through monitoring and reporting

Sustainability Report

Starting in 2016, our efforts and performance in pursuit of sustainability will be published in the New World Development's Sustainability Report.

Corporate Sustainability section within the Annual Report for FY2023
Sustainability Performance Data Table 2023
Corporate Sustainability section within the Annual Report for FY2022
Corporate Sustainability section within the Annual Report for FY2021