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Soul of the city

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At New World China, we see a city as more than a crowded skyline. Cities are vessels of artistry and humanity, where hopes blossom and families take root.

We create spaces that are more than purely functional but with an emotional dimension. We build places where people live their hopes and dreams, finding a true sense of belonging.

Every city has its own characteristics, culture and traditions, in which lie limitless possibilities we yearn to discover. While empowering and creating value for our beloved society, we are committed to building a world that is warm with human touch by converging people’s potentiality and creativity — the key to sustainable development.

Our developments are all unique, with vibrant communities and flourishing districts as their lifeblood, enriched by our hallmark craftsmanship and traditions. Standing by our people and communities, we thrive together. We build living, breathing cities with souls.

We bring the “Soul of the City” to life.

Our Vision

We create prosperous and vibrant cities that everyone contributes, shares and is proud to call home.

Our Mission

Exceptional craftsmanship

Redefining the aesthetics of modern living through thoughtful projects and services.

Vibrant cities

Revitalising communities from the ground up to breathe new life into the city.

Inherently humanistic

Evoking a sense of belonging by blending artistry, heritage and a respect for nature.

Forward thinking

Embracing insight and vision in commerce, technology, art and culture.

Team growth

Cultivating work harmony, professionalism and a sense of social responsibility in our staff.

Shared value

Leading society to create sustainable value with us for our shared future through cross-sector innovation.

Our Brand Values

At our core, we believe developments should be about the people who live, work and dream there. Through our thoughtfully conceived spaces, we connect people to each other and their environment. We respect every individual and keep every promise made, with the hope to create a future in which all may flourish.
City Maker
City Maker
Guided by the philosophy of sustainable development – with nature as our foundation, art as our language and humanity at our heart – we humbly build cities that respect the environment, culture and people. Through our integrated thinking, we build regenerative spaces that are vibrant and full of vitality, where people can stretch their lives to reach their next goal.
Insight Driven
Insight Driven
We anticipate how the needs of our society evolve. We pursue innovation and excellence. We embrace technology and craftsmanship while remaining mindful of heritage. Our projects are systematically managed for long-term value. We blend culture and creativity to unleash the potential of the new generation, leading people to create a new pulse for the city together.